Wear sunblock

Day two of training. Yesterday weight training. Today swam and ran.

Today’s plan was to get in the pool at 6 a.m., yet @ 5:30 I was convinced it’d be better to swim at night.
Then I realized tonight’s American Idol (go Mama Sox). So my entire day was changed and I was in the pool @ noon. Good news; 50 meter lanes (not 25) were roped. Great distance training. Still I asked Coach Mike if I could wear the fins, and he said … You’re in the Masters now. In other words … man up and swim. Overall it was a great way to spend a lunch hour … that’s until I got burnt. Ouch!!!

Rule #1 – wear sunblock.
Rule #2 – stick with the schedule. Stay focused.
Rule #3 – swimming 1 mile doesn’t justify easting 5 monster cookies.

So the day’s wrapping up with a burning back and a bloated belly.