The Goggle Quest Continues

Goggle Update:
Since July I’ve been looking for goggles that don’t fog up or leak, and after testing about 7 styles I finally found a pair that works great.  TYR Performance Mirrored Next Pro.

I’m on a goggle quest to find the best goggle for me.

Gayla, owner of Tri Zone in Los Alamitos, convinced me to stay with Aqua Sphere.  She said they have a great reputation.  They’re ethical.  They’re easy to work with, and the goggles are made in Italy.  And, I LOVE anything made in Italy; shoes, cloths, cars, food, wine, desserts.  The list could go on!!!

Anyway, I tried them again.  A small model, and they didn’t work.  This Week 7 recap shares a few more details.  Tried one more time this morning, and wish I could say 3x is a charm.

The quest continues.
Please share if you can recommend a good goggle brand.

Always tri.  Never stop.


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