Cool Down Ideas

It’s another scorcher in So. Cal., and thought I’d share some cool down ideas when training in the heat.

  1. cool ideas to stay strongKeep lotions and toners in the refrigerator to use on hot, tired feet.
  2. Fill your water bottle with ice or freeze a bottle with your favorite energy drink and grab it before you swim, bike, or run.
  3. After a hot run, soak your feet in an ice bath.  Better yet, have your lover rub you down with ice.  Imagine the laughter.
  4. Workout in a cool gym; I love the treadmill on a hot, humid day.
  5. Workout early before the heat rises or after the sun goes down.
  6. Spend less time in the heat with short intense workout.  Save 100 mile rides for cooler temperatures.
  7. Hydrate early, often, and balance your electrolytes.  In fact, set your alarm to ping every 15 minutes, reminding you to drink.  Recovery is harder with a poorly hydrated body.
  8. Wear loose fitted, cotton clothes.

Always tri.  Never stop.
Featured image: Dancing Enthusiast