Yesterday a fellow athlete and overall amazing person, Vaughn Ripley, introduced me to a new word, a new concept, one that I instinctively learned by racing Ironman – Kaisen.

Kaisen is a philosophy about continuous improvement or self-changing for the best of all.

From what I can tell, Kaisen is primarily applied to manufacturing, engineering, business management or any process that improves all functions (logistics to legal), and Kaisen involves all people (CEOs to assembly line workers).

Here’s a perfect example: Toyota.

Toyota applies Kaisen to deliver small improvements that yield large results, which according to 27/7 Wall St. the results include making Toyota the world’s most profitable car company in the world.  I’m guessing they’re singing Kaisen all the way to the bank.

Now think about this …

How would your life change if you applied Kaisen to your personal life?

  • Want to lose weight? Eliminate sugar or eat desserts with low sugar calories.
  • Want to improve a relationship? Be kind to that person.
  • Want to save money? Pack a daily lunch instead of eating out.

How do you want to change your life?  You can make it happen.
Always Tri. Never stop.