Ice is my friend

This was a good training week.

It took me till Tuesday to recuperate from last Saturday’s brick training session.  But by Wednesday I ran (till a coyote jumped on the road and wouldn’t move; time for me to turn around). Thursday rode two hours. Friday ran 3 miles. And today rode 58 miles and ran 3.

Plus I met with the Physical Therapist and a bike fitter.  Both gave me great news.  As for the shoulder, it should be fine in about two weeks.  As for the bike, it’s old but the frame is fine. With a new saddle, handle bars, brake pads, and an areo bar it should be like-new.  That might still sound like lots of work/money.  But in reality if I bought a new bike (at minimum) it’d cost $1,500. But with the above item it’ll cost less than $500.

At the moment I’m sitting with ice on my knees (thanks to running) and on my shoulder (thanks to swimming). Then there’s the beautiful GI problem (thanks to experimenting with nutrition). It sounds rather “humpty-dumpty-ish”. Physically yes, but mentally no.

Rather I’m feeling quite happy. Every week I meet so many wonderful, supporting and inspirational people. My body is getting stronger.  Mentally I’m more confident, focused and disciplined.  I’m no longer worrying about “how” rather it’s all about “doing it” and believing that somehow, someway it’ll all work out.

Out for now. Time for bed. Tomorrow I’m running 5 miles.

On a side note … Trying to figure out how to create a Google Map or MapMyRide of the route, yet both systems seem to have an attitude.  Updates to come.

Update on the map; here’s the route for 7/3 ride: