Goal setting

The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your priorities, dreams & goals. Setting short & long-term goals is a wonderful process to decide what you want to achieve, to explore what is important, a distraction, or irrelevant. Goals, when achieved, build confidence, and they are a great motivation tool.

Most goal setting books talk about the benefits of sharing goals, because sharing gives accountability & clarity. Sharing helps measure progress. It is motivating & connecting.  So, in that spirit, here are my four major goals for 2017:

  1. Race Ironman Dublin 70.3
  2. Sell 20 homes
  3. Be philanthropic
  4. Publish a book on Post Traumatic Growth

To hold me accountable & to measure success, I’ll share updates via the following platforms:

1. Racing updates and training tips will be posted on my du LeBohn Facebook page. Topics include: training, nutrition, gear, mindset, etc.
2. Real estate updates & sustainable housing resources will be posted on TriHomes Facebook page. Topics will include: repurposing furniture, gardening, construction, smart homes etc.
3. My philanthropic efforts will support two groups:

First, with each closed escrow, I’ll donate $500 to a charity. For the next few months, that money will support Zimbabwe Orphans Empowerment (ZOE).  ZOE empowers orphans to overcome extreme poverty & become self-reliant. In February my brother, John – a most amazing guy, will help ZOE by visiting Rwandan orphans. So, this money will help pay for his participation. If you’d like to help John, here’s his GoFundMe page.

Second, I will support Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) by donating $1 for each mile I swim, ride, & run to train/race my next Ironman race. I anticipate training 2,000+ miles.

As for publishing the book … that’s a work in progress.
Updates to follow.

Always tri.  Never stop.