Emmanuel Yeboa

Does the name Emmanuel Yeboah sound familiar? I learned about him a few months back, and now his story is embedded in my heart.

For one short moment last Sunday I had the honor of riding with him during the Challenged Athletes Foundation triathlon event.

Here’s how it happened. Around mile 35, riding south close to Solana Beach, a bee hit my sunglasses then ricocheted to my right leg. It stung me. Daughhhhh … that stings. Riding while pulling out a stinger is not easy, but I managed. Feeling a bit babyish (looking for sympathy), I looked up and noticed the cyclist in front of me didn’t have a right leg. Instantly I prayed, Thank you God for letting my right leg feel the joy of being stung by a bee.

It was Emmanuel, the man I’ve been thinking about for the past few months. He’s so inspirational. We shared a few words (he has a great laugh), then rode on.

Please learn about his story and take him into your heart.