Eat vegan: recap week 1

Thank God week 1 of Lent is done.  Taking this time to embrace a vegan lifestyle is challenging, and there’s lots to figure out.  Though it hasn’t been all that bad.  In fact there was one powerful discovery, i.e., my hunger is content after a meal.

Why do people choose this lifestyle?
I think boils down to a few reasons:

  1. Morally they’ll spare animals
  2. Reduce chemical toxins
  3. Manage diabetes, cholesterol, and weight
  4. Be more regular … trust me, that’s a major side effect
  5. Reduce food-borne illness i.e., e coli, salmonella

I was partly inspired by a cute boy named George who eats vegan every Lent and by my Dr. who said I was borderline diabetic.  Ok, her insight was the primary motivating factor to give this a shot, but to  embrace this lifestyle 100% – I don’t think so.  I say yum to eating meat, chicken, fish, and dairy.

Ok, maybe I could give up meat and maybe chicken breast too.  But stop eating chicken legs or fish – no way!!!  In fact right now I’m drooling at the thought of eating 10 deep fried chicken legs … ohhhh, yummm.

So,  I’ll  stick with this lifestyle for the next few weeks, and yes there will be a few cheating moments, recipe experiments, and lessons learned, which I’ll share along the way.

To get us started, here is a sweet resource I just discovered.
13 vegan desserts from Oh She Glows.  This weekend I’ll try their Creamy Dreamy Peppermint Patties.  What do you think?

Always tri.  Never stop.