Day 30 – Make Healthy Choices

With nearly 8 weeks left of training it’s critical to build a peaceful and powerful mindset – stay focused, be proactive, make healthy choices.

A good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast has me feeling positive – except for one thing that’s on my mind – Joey.

Joey RobinsonLast week at 7 a.m. Joey Robinson was riding his bike on Santiago Canyon when he was killed by hit-and-run drunk driver, Sommer Gonzalez. He was 21. She was 18.

He was healthy, active and had a productive job at a bike shop.  While she was spiritually dying, poisoned by drinking and drugs.

I didn’t know either, but his life and her death (symbolically speaking) should remind us that to thrive we must make positive, healthy choices.

Today’s Tri Tip:

Don’t buy a drunk a drink.  In other words, don’t add to the world’s problems.