Dad’s sweater

Had an emotional day. With my siblings we went through my Dad’s clothes and then donated most of them to the Goodwill.  We did this for our Mom who’s out of town visiting our brother.  We didn’t want her to take on this project. For after 54 years of marriage, cleaning the closet of her husband was just too much to manage.

I didn’t think it’d be that emotional then I came across his old sweatshirt that says “golf” across the front.  He didn’t even play golf that much, but still he loved wearing that sweatshirt.  He wore it gardening, traveling, and going around town.   It represented the essence of him. Like his personality poured out of every fiber, saying hello give me a hug.

I didn’t keep that sweatshirt. Instead I choose a blue sweater to wear with my jeans.

Miss you Dad.