Commit To You

Last weekend I had a great time in San Francisco visiting friends and enjoying some R&R.  But by Monday the only drink I wanted was water, and the one thing I needed was a run to sweat out the toxins.

I was not committed to a run till 10 a.m., and only embraced it around mile two.  Then a thought flashed:  it’s hard enough committing to a run let alone committing to a man, or one’s purpose, or a project.

That’s because commitment boils down to the levels of interest in the subject.

Commit To You

There is one commitment we must embrace daily: a commitment to ourselves.  That is our purpose.

That’s because we can’t make the world a better place if we can’t take care of ourselves.  So the question is … Are you committed to you?  Are you ready to take command?

If so, these tips will help your journey.

  1. Get your mindset right.   A bad attitude is like a headwind blowing you off-course.
  2. Get focused.  Fail to plan, plan to fail, so layout your course.
  3. Create priorities.  Running for the sake of running is okay , but what’s the point?  Rather define the goal.  For example, if you are going to run do it to loose weight, tone up, reduce stress, increase speed, enjoy the view, connect with nature, train for a race etc.
  4. Hold yourself accountable.  Sadly personal drive usually last a week or two.  So stay in command. Write down your goals, read them daily, tell people your plans, and get support.
  5. Don’t force a commitment.  Need I say more?
  6. Commitments are healthy … in spite of doubt.  If needed, revisit step #1.
  7. Slip ups don’t mean give up.  If needed, revisit step #2, and move forward, one step at a time.

Always tri.  Never stop.