Ironman Check List

Ironman training is past the halfway mark.  During the past two weeks I’ve been quiet with updates.  That’s because I felt tired, overwhelmed, and in pain.  Those feels tend to make me quiet, and I needed time to process things and question if I’m on the right track.

Here’s what I mean.  Two roadblocks could easily cause me to quit; mental fatigue and the heat.

Lately, no matter how much I prepare I am forgetful.  Last week I trained at my Mom’s and took home her bathmat instead of my towel.  The following day, I went to the pool without goggles, cap, and fins.  Then I went to work without a computer charger, causing me to leave work by 11.

And then there is the heat.  It has been unusually hot and humid, and my body is Annemarie swims 4,000 metersnot use to riding 2+ hours in 103 degree heat with 15-20 mph wind.  It felt like a giant hot blow dryer was trying blowing me off the road.

Then Saturday I swam 4,000 meters in an outdoor pool, which practically turned my snow white Irish skin into a red lobster.

Clearly  there’s lots on the plate.  I’m tired.  I’m disheveled, and 85% of my body aches 100% of the time.

Still, I believe the workload is doable.   USAT Check ListSo to help with focus and discipline I searched and found a checklist.  This triathlon checklist is from USAT.

God knows it it’ll help, but I’m giving it a try.

Like any journey, this is a process with many variables.  Some are helpful, some cause roadblocks that create excuses to give up, to stop.

The trick to success is enjoying the process and being aware of good and bad variables.  Then when the roadblocks get overpowering, take a breather.  Step back.  Assess the situation, and look for helpful resources.

My helpful resource today … a lunch time massage.
It’ll be difficult to do, but somehow I’ll manage.

Always tri.  Never stop.