Bike fit update

Yesterday’s ride felt good.
It was 68.5 miles, and for the first time Jim Manton’s professional bike fit was really tested. With a new handlebar/saddle, plus new positions for the clips, saddle & bar, I started the ride praying it wouldn’t end with too much pain.

My prayers were answered. Primarily the fireball between the shoulder blade was gone, and my left foot didn’t go numb. Though the right clip still needs adjustment. Other issues popped up (or should I say the problems hit bottom). The new saddle bruised the tail bone, and it numbed the little hot mama. Again I shared TMI. Jim, we might need to change that saddle for a different model… just saying.

Speaking of TMI, let’s discuss one more little hot mama problem; bike short seams. If they are placed in the wrong spot — WOW. Crazy chaffing, and that’s what’s happening with the shorts I bought about a month ago. Since day one the seam (specifically on the left side) has been a pain in the ass. Literally. I hoped the new saddle and positioning would eliminate that problem, but noooooo!

Yes, the problem can solve by adjusting the shorts, but that difficult to do when riding. Options include grabbing the crotch and pull the shorts down or putting the hand inside the shorts and push the seam away. Either one is not easy to do when you’re hot & sweaty, or flying down a hill, or climbing a mountain. I think men are cool with doing either, but me — no, I’d rather get shorts that fit.

Love them for running. Everything is held in place, and they have two pockets, perfect for holding id, phone and food. Not sure how they’d work when swimming. I’ll test that soon.

Tomorrow I’m calling TYR, the manufacturer. Maybe they can help. Wouldn’t that be great.

Here’s the bike route: