Bike Transport

Today I checked in my bike at Cycle Werks for transport to Cozumel.  They are a partner of TriBike Transport, the actual company that will transport my baby.

TriBike Transport has relationships with bike shops all around the U.S., and many triathletes who race outside of their hometown use their service to transport their bike to/from the race.

For Ironman Arizona I rented a Chrysler 500 to transport the bike.  Primarily because three family members were coming along and because it had the largest truck space I could find.  What a hassle.  After stacking gear, four pieces of luggage, food, pillows, and a bike I literally had to sit on the trunk to get it to close.

For Ironman Austin I used TriBike Transport, and my God … their service brought peace of mind.  So easy.  So stress-free.

Originally I didn’t want to use their service.  With a cost of $400+, transporting the bike cost more than the airline ticket.  Still, here’s why I made the choice.

Each airline charges for checked-in bags and they charge extra for over-sized items like a bike.  After hours of research I discovered each carrier’s cost and size requirements are different.  Just like there are different bike crate sizes. bike case9

Many taxi services don’t have a trunk large enough for a bike case.  That means shuttling to/from the course and hotel with a van, which could cost more.

Bike CaseWhen a bike is put into a crate it needs to be torn down, reassembled, and that’s the last thing I want to do pre/post race.

Plus, if I have a bike problem some times (not always) the TriBike Transport crew tries to help me solve it, which reduces stress of having to find and travel to a local bike shop.  TriBike Transport Team

Trust me, the last thing you need pre/post race is bike problems, and having TriBike Transport as a support resource might cost a few pennies more, but the peace of mind they bring is priceless.