7 Week Itch of Tri Training

Got a 7 week itch of tri training.
The take away:  Sometimes the best thing to do is sleep.

As much as I talk about being positive, having a healthy mind, at times I need an attitude adjustment.  That’s happening now, and that’s because I’m tired.  So, after a good night’s sleep everything will be better in the morning.  Right!?

12 signs you’re tired of Ironman training …

1. You try to bring a pillow on your ride to put your head down on your aerobars. Or at least fantasize about bringing one.

2. You need a half hour for the mile walk to the pool in the morning.

3. Your eye twitches all day long. It just wants to close.

4. At every stop light you imagine laying down on the side of the street.

5. It’s 7pm and you’re already thinking about going to bed.

6. Even that magic elixir coffee has no effect on you.

7. You just want to cry for no reason.

8. You take the old elevator even though it takes twice as long as just walking up the two flights of stairs.

9. You are too tired to think of something to make for dinner.

10. You think you’re shifter is broken but it is just that you’re pushing on the wrong one.

11. A villager on a hybrid with a baggie t-shirt and cargo pants drops you on the way out of town.

12. You don’t remember writing this blog.

On a more serious note, for more insight on how to deal with fatigue, visit the Honey Badger of triathlons, Mary Beth Ellis,  or read her entire article @ Ironman.
Plus, thanks to Real Focus Fitness for the featured image.

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