4 Green Real Estate Trends

modern tiny homeIf you love real estate and appreciate sustainability, then read on and enjoy this recap of the top four green real estate trends.

It pays to have a healthy business, just as it is encouraging to see homeowners seek a more healthy living environment. Since that’s my passion, I had to share this with you.
Here you go.

Sustainable Homes

According to Jacqueline Nunez, founder of WonderGroup LLC in Boston, homebuyers are asking about square footage, amenities AND environmental materials/methods, especially in areas where climate change is most destructive. Since our natural resources are dwindling, it’s increasingly important that structures be designed and built sustainably.

Hence, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety and Architectural Testing Inc. created the Fortified Home Certification standard, which represent engineering and building levels that provide sturdier structural envelopes that are more resilient against the worst weather conditions than those found in most current building codes. Making better use of natural resources and generating energy on site is a double win of more energy and less money spent.

Drought Awareness

With an increase in cost and a decrease in availability, water and droughts continue to affect large areas of the U.S., especially in the Southwest and California.

Drought resistant landscapeGita Nandan, a Brooklyn based architecture, who says homeowners are asking for more rainwater harvesting systems to irrigate gardens and yards, especially since those systems can save up to 30% of water usage.

Nandan predicts Water conservation will become as important as energy conservation, and homes that collect as much water as they consume will be as popular with buyers as Net-Zero–energy homes now are. She expects that real estate professionals will see more demand for water-saving measures such as water-smart irrigation sensors, composting toilets, gray-water recycling systems, and rainwater harvesting.

Reclaimed Wood

Why is this a trend? Because reclaimed wood is authentic, according to Jamie Hammel, owner of The Hudson Co., a N.Y. based mill. People like knowing the history of their materials and products — the provenance — and these materials tell a story …. and consumers are drawn to the sustainability of reuse as well as the health benefits of choosing older materials that don’t off-gas.

Be aware that the latest generation of reclaimed boards displays a lighter, Scandinavian matte finish that looks better with contemporary furnishings that are becoming more in vogue than traditional furniture.

Tiny Homes

Sustainable Tiny HomeI love, love, LOVE tiny homes, so much so that I joined a Tiny Home Meet-up group, and I’m addicted to watching Tiny House Nation. So seeing tiny homes on the trend list made my day.

Beyond downsizing, people also appreciate how tiny homes increases their mobility and flexibility. Some environmentally-friendly, tiny-home features include: solar power, composting, incinerating toilet, gray water irrigation hook-up, rainwater integration, advanced electric fireplace, and energy-efficient induction cook top.

Since some tiny homes are built on wheels, if the trend continues to expand, landowners may find empty lots in vacation areas to be the perfect spot to rent out to these homeowners on wheels.

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