Vegan; a taste of life

Not surprising, I jumped into eating like a vegan for Lent without really knowing what it meant to eat like a vegan.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  Sometimes it’s not … like now.

The good news is that less than a week in and I’m feeling good, however.  Last Saturday I had serious hunger pains after two good workouts.  Hence I cheated on Sunday.  Yea, it felt so, so, so good.  So last night I asked my Facebook family if anyone had advice for eating vegan when training for a triathlon, and loved their response.

Now I’m so excited to try a few of their recipes – pizza, chocolate dessert, mushroom & quinoa meatball.  Wait, that last one is an oxymoron, right?!  Whatever.

For those interested, here are two resources I’m checking out.
Bite Me Kitchen
Desserts by Chef AJ

Or, if you’re like me and have a serious sweet tooth, check this out.  I found their trick to stop sugar cravings to be true.

Always tri.  Never stop.