Training on Signal Hill, CA

Years ago I use to commute from Signal Hill to L.A. for a job with KABC radio. To this day I can’t forget my first Friday night drive home. It took an exhausting 2+ hours.   For those who don’t know the drive, the running joke about the 405 freeway is that it take 4 or 5 hours to get anywhere when on it.  And that’s no joke.  Thankfully I moved on, but for thousands of others the commute continues.

day view from signal hillHere’s a southern California secret …  Signal Hill (a halfway point between L.A. and O.C.) is a great place to stop till the traffic dies down.

Signal Hill has amazing views from the ocean, to downtown L.A., to the mountains. On a clear day one can even see the Hollywood sign.

view from signal hillStopping here during the evening rush enables people to enjoy the view, meditate,  or get in a good workout.  At the top you’ll find picnic tables, BBQs, and bathrooms.

It is surrounded by the city of Long Beach, just a few minutes off the 405 freeway.  Exit either Cherry or Lakewood, head south and aim for the radio towers.

night view of signal hillThat’s where I was this week; ran the hill to watch a beautiful sunset.

But be ready to leave by 10pm, that’s when security guards drive around issuing tickets to those still parked.

Signal HIll TrailsTill then enjoy the hiking paths; some have asphalt while other paths are covered by dirt.

For cycle enthusiast who love a challenge start your slow, serious climb at PCH and Junipero. Turn right at 21st and left at Stanley and ride to Skyline.  NOTE: Hill Street is so steep and narrow that bikes are not allowed.

However, you can enjoy its challenge with a run.  Check out this 2+ mile route that includes a run up/down Hill Street. (source:

Fun Facts about Signal Hill

Because of this height (365 feet / 110 m), Tongva Indians used the hill for signal fires, which could be seen throughout the surrounding area and even out to Catalina Island, 26 miles (42 km) away.

The Model T Hill Climb, a race up Hill Street, was organized by auto manufactures to inspired people to buy cars.

Model T Hill race








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