On Making Monday Happy

It’s a Happy Monday.  Admittedly at some point everyone has faced this day with dread.  Maybe the weekend sapped your energy, or your workload is chaotic and overwhelming the senses to paralysis.

No matter the reason way, to make this day productive we need to focus and discipline.  Those two little acts can bring a sense of joy, and joy brings a sense of peace, and having peace and joy is called thriving.  That’s what I’m talking about.

So, let’s embrace a thriving life like it’s an Ironman training day

  1. Prioritize your top three “must do” projects.
  2. Tackle the hardest project first.
  3. Remember food is energy. Eat well and hydrate.
  4. Schedule time to re-energize. Take a 10-minute walk @ 10, or empower your mind with a 15 minute meditation retreat after meeting, or relax with a cup of green tea a 3 p.m.

Lastly, finish the day strong by preparing for tomorrow – prioritize, clean your desk, recharge your car, put the gym bag in the car, make your lunch etc.

Think about it …
Embracing little details shows love for the challenge, so when life is overwhelming make little, positive and productive changes.

Always tri to thrive.