#1 Ironman Tip: Discipline.

It’s week two of Ironman training. Feeling disciplined, but I still have two challenges:

  1. Managing the workout schedule.
  2. Committing the mind to give 100% to each workout.

With a few races finished, I know the drill and the importance of completing each workout.  Yet yesterday I almost skipped a swim.  My discipline was weak. The morning didn’t go as planned; a bug infected my computer and forced an unscheduled visit to Apple’s Genius Bar; the office power went out; details for this weekend’s paper shred event took longer to finalize than planned.  Yuck. Yuck.  YUCK.  You get the point.

So, I tried to justify not swimming.  Thought, it is my strongest sport and skipping one 60 minute swim really wouldn’t make a difference. Then around 11:30 realized that a noon swim was the only slot.  No excuses.  Swim gear is in the car.  Except, I didn’t know where to swim.

Cerritos PoolWith a quick search I found a lap pool in Cerritos, about 15 minutes from the office and a few minutes from an Apple store.  I simply had to  commit.

Embracing discipline to drive to the pool, paying $3 to jump in, and getting it done was the best decision. It left me feeling great, calm, and confident.   Discipline.  It feels great.

So, you may not be training for an Ironman yet you want to swim and need help getting into the pool.  Here’s an idea … join one of the 500 clubs with U.S. Masters Swimming.  They offer a great program to keep you motivated and supported.  Then jump in  … just don’t forget a hair dryer ;-/

Always tri.  Never stop.