Ironman Austin

Thriving Thoughts: Be Aware

Be Aware Just getting back on my feet (literally) from racing Ironman Austin, and when sharing its good, bad and ugly stories I find it fascinating that most people focus on me loosing three toenails instead of me accomplishing the Ironman goal. It’s an interesting perspective with a clear reminder that we choose different filters Read more about Thriving Thoughts: Be Aware[…]

Ironman Austin

Feed the Hunger; Succeed like an elite athlete

Ironman Austin; Feed the Hunger; Succeed like an elite athleteJust getting back on track from racing Ironman Austin. Now I have to find another race to “Feed the Hunger”.

Still, before taking on a new race, I wanted to share some reflections & tips for improvement.

Tip #1

Before putting on the wetsuit, don’t forget to tighten your tri shorts. That way, after the swim when the wetsuit is stripped off in front of hundreds of people, the shorts will stay on … yep, still feeling a bit mortified knowing a few lucky bystanders got to see all my glory.

Tip #2

If feeling down because you fell short of your goals, read something inspiring.  Case in point, on the flight home I read an article from USA Today about LeBron James; LeBron Still Unsettled, Back-to-back championships only make James hungrier to succeed.

Well, that caught my eye.  Why was LeBron James hungry?  Wasn’t he content at being #1?  Apparently not.

How does LeBron James feed his hunger for success?

LeBron James; Feed the Hunger; Succeed like an elite athleteThat I maximize my potential –

That I got everything out of my career, and I got everything out of my game that I could, and that I pushed the envelope….

When people said I couldn’t get better, I continue to strive to get better.  If I do that, I can be very high.

LeBron’s words resonated with me, not only as an athlete, but also as a business owner who’s aim is to inspire people and small/medium size companies to succeed by transforming their lives to Thrive With Purpose™.

I understand the challenges of taking it to the next level.  For example, while training and racing Ironman (ok, while running) I’d ask, “Annemarie, how bad do you want to succeed?”  Usually, the question would get me to finish that training goal.  Still, it’s a mental challenge … day-by-day, minute-by-minutes, & at times second-by-second.

Well, come to find out LeBron James also asked the same question after the Miami Heat lost the 2011 championship.  Looking for inspiration, he found the secret to success via an Eric Thomas’ speech.

Feed the Hunger; Succeed like an elite athlete.
Here are 5 Tips […]

TED Talks Explore the Meaning of Life

Today a homeless man asked me, “Do you know the meaning of life?”
I said, “It’s a mystery.” Yet the question stuck.  You’d think by age 52 I’d know the answer.

TED Talk Ideas Worth SpreadingThe question reminded me of my TED Talk interview.  Then the indelible question was, “If given 24-hours to live, what advice would you give the world?”

The ultimate TED quest was to be relevant by being irrelevant in less than 10 minutes.

Answering the elusive question was proving to be truly elusive.

I searched for wisdom by talking with family, friends, associates, teachers, children, and even the dog, Lily, who (by the way) had one of the best answers.  She brought me a dish and a ball.  From her point of view life boils down to eating and playing, not necessarily in that order.

Offering advice to the world was paralyzing for two reasons.  First, I was uneasy with giving advice, for rarely was I asked to share it.  Second, I couldn’t think of any advice to share. Too cliché to say, “save money, don’t go to bed angry, and have faith.”

Really, what timeless advice could I share that could connect with everyone: young, old, man, woman of any race, religion, and culture?  Some said preparing for a TED Talk would be more challenging than Ironman training.  That proved to be true.

Ah ha … I get it.  I got it.


Diana Nyad

Live Like Diana Nyad

After watching Diana Nyad swim from Cuba to Florida I was pumped for my next 50 mile ride.  I want to harness her energy, so yesterday I rode like she swims, finishing in 3h & 30m. Loved it. Before taking off smartness took over.  Unlike my last ride (Hot Weather. Cool Minds), this time I Read more about Live Like Diana Nyad[…]

Swimming Away the Clutter

Swam open water this week in Los Alamitos Bay, and for the first time wore a half wetsuit, sized to fit women 6’ or taller; clearly too big for me.  Still, that didn’t matter when the water is 60 something degrees.  I’ll take half warm over 100% freezing any day. Within 10 strokes the over-sized Read more about Swimming Away the Clutter[…]

Boston Marathon

Shocked by the Boston Marathon bombing. Violence rattles my faith, hope & love, but it won’t knock me down, for I have a solid rock to stand on. Today I don’t want to talk about CSR or Ironman, rather I just want to run and train for next year’s Boston Marathon.  It’ll help me shows Read more about Boston Marathon[…]


Passion is elusive this morning.  No, no no — I haven’t lost my drive for life.  Rather, I’m writing a book, working on a chapter titled, “Passion”, and struggling with how to verbalize the feeling. My words seemed so boring.  Then I read this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and wanted to share it with you. Passion Read more about Passion[…]

Chocolate + Math = an Idea Worth Spreading

Is math boring? Many kids think so. Unless they’ve taken Nigel Nisbet’s math class where he used chocolate to get kids thinking.  Nigel then applied his teaching concept to visual math games with a penguin named Jiji. During TEDxOC event I met Nigel, the Director of Content Creation for Mind Research Institute.  Nigel shared how Read more about Chocolate + Math = an Idea Worth Spreading[…]

TEDxOC. The Voice Within

The video of my TEDxOrangeCoast talk posted today, and I’m mixed with emotions. One side I’m so proud of the content and hope the message brings strength to anyone who’s been sexually assaulted and learning to listen to their inner voice. On the other had, before the video was posted I envisioned myself looking strong, Read more about TEDxOC. The Voice Within[…]