sauted bananas

Sauteed Bananas

Thank you May G. for suggesting that my vegan Lenten adventure should include sauteed bananas. They prove to be a healthy, good quick fix for my overbearing sweet tooth.  It is simple to make and perfect lunchtime dessert.  For those interested, here’s the recipe.  Enjoy. First, cut one banana in half (crosswise) or bite size Read more about Sauteed Bananas[…]

Vegan peppermint patties

Eat vegan: recap week 1

Thank God week 1 of Lent is done.  Taking this time to embrace a vegan lifestyle is challenging, and there’s lots to figure out.  Though it hasn’t been all that bad.  In fact there was one powerful discovery, i.e., my hunger is content after a meal. Why do people choose this lifestyle? I think boils Read more about Eat vegan: recap week 1[…]

Vegan; a taste of life

Not surprising, I jumped into eating like a vegan for Lent without really knowing what it meant to eat like a vegan.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  Sometimes it’s not … like now. The good news is that less than a week in and I’m feeling good, however.  Last Saturday I had serious hunger pains after Read more about Vegan; a taste of life[…]

Vegan challenge

Five days into Lent and struggling with eating vegan. Wednesday through Saturday I did fine. In fact my hunger felt content and emotionally I felt powerful with the healthy choices. Yes mid-morning and mid-afternoon I wanted something satisfying and found it via celery boats (celery filled with almond butter, fruit and granola). One nice surprise Read more about Vegan challenge[…]

Day 2 of Lent

It’s Lent and I really don’t know what I’m giving up. I would like to eliminate sugar and dairy, but worry about not getting enough protein, especially on days with a good workout. So, the hope is to eat similar to vegan or vegetarian or as a diabetic; eat more plant based foods and eliminate Read more about Day 2 of Lent[…]

The perfect dessert: Shaved chocolate a l’Orange

Can you believe  how quickly the Christmas holiday flew by?   Thankfully I have one more party before 2014 comes to a close, and it is happening tonight with my tri club, Nopal Velo. It will be a perfect time for everyone to catch up and compare 2015 training/racing goals.  Plus, we can hang out Read more about The perfect dessert: Shaved chocolate a l’Orange[…]

à la minute

Just discovered that yesterday was National Ice Cream Day, and it just so happens that yesterday a few friends and I walked 2 miles to old Towne Orange to each some at à la minute. Has anyone ever heard of this place?  They use liquid nitrogen to make personalized batches of ice cream.  It all happens Read more about à la minute[…]

Annemarie du LeBohn's project mgt tips

Ironman’s Life Lesson for Project Mgt.

With a few friends registered for Ironman 2015 Arizona, Cozumel, and Oceanside, racing and training is on my mind.  Which race to do?  Not sure.  For now I’ll focus on staying healthy; a tough task during the Christmas season. So many yummy things to eat (indulge in moderation).   The New Year will present the right Read more about Ironman’s Life Lesson for Project Mgt.[…]

Annemarie du LeBohn's favorite brownie recipe

Done in moderation

Whether you’re training for an Ironman, dieting for the holidays, or working on a business project – sometimes we need an attitude adjustment. For me, changing my attitude means eating chocolate – as long as it’s done in moderation, I see nothing wrong with it. For a quick fix, I eat one square of Trader Read more about Done in moderation[…]


Tips for traveling and working out.

On the go, on the go, I’m always on the go.  Fast and crazy schedules tend to mess up my workouts.  No more!  With time I created a few good travel workout tips and wanted to them with you.  Happy trails. Know your options Ask the hotel consigner if the hotel has a gym, lap Read more about Tips for traveling and working out.[…]