You won’t win the race by kicking

Last night I ran for 30 minutes and then swam for an hour. Still babying my right shoulder from straining the bicep tendon. So swimming consists of kicking, seeing how the arm feels with the breast stroke. Basically taking it easy. Wrong move if you want to do the Ironman in under 13 hours … this is something my coach knows.

With about 20 minutes left she says, “You wont win the race by kicking”.
“But the pain” I say.
“Slowly work on form” she says.

Then she gives me a drill that focuses on arm movement. WOW … could I have been swimming freestyle with the wrong form?! YES. Her drill didn’t cause any pain. Yahoo.

On a side note, in the lane next to me was 8 six year old kids learning to swim. They are so cute. Small, round, perfect faces with big goggles. Just wish they didn’t splash so much đŸ™‚