Week 6 recap; Ironman training

This week’s training take away: Be aware.  That’s exactly what I thought right after tripping during Sunday’s run.

It happened about 30 minutes into the run, right when my groove felt right.  Going to the beach by way of Molino Ave, near PCH in Long Beach.  I thought, okay, let’s not run this route again.  The street had a foul scent.  Over-sized trees tore up the sidewalk.  But those trees -they were stunning, especially as the sun shined through.

Then it hit.  My foot hit an uprooted piece of cement, tripping me forward yet with ungraceful agility I caught myself from a direct face plant into the sidewalk. Damn. How’d I miss that crack???

This week I had a few near misses.  I suppose the most comical one happened on Wednesday in a lap pool with no roped off lanes.  People swam the pool’s width, however one person choose to swim its’ length, and I didn’t see him till we t-boned.
What the ?#$*

He looked at me.  I looked at him.  He was prepared to swim hours.  Fins, goggles, and a cap in place; face covered in white zinc.  Guessing he hoped the buoy between his legs would keep his extra100 pounds afloat.

About :05 went by (which seemed forever as I watched him dog paddle).    He didn’t say a word.  Just gave a deer in the headlight look through his over-sized goggles.  I gave him the same look, though mine had more attitude.

So, I started the conversation.
Me:    Are you trying to swim the pool’s length?
Him:  Yes.
Me:    You’re disrupting the pool.
Him:  Okay.  Keep swimming.
Me:    I can’t.  You’re in my way.  Can you swim the width, not the length?
Him:  Okay.  Thank you.
Me:    Okay.  Thank you.

Off he went, dog paddling on.

The one thing that has my complete attention is pain.  Pain is rocking my body from neck to calves.  I expected it.  Pain happens with each race as the body breaks down and then builds into a machine.  Still I wish for a full-time masseuse.  No sex.  No cuddling.  Just someone to feed me, to massage my body, and to let me sleep.  With a smile this selfish bitch mischievously thinks, That’s not asking too much, right???

Foam rollerTill I can afford a full time masseuse, my foam roller will have to do.  This self massage tool releases tightness and eliminates pain.

Want to give it a try?  Oxygen, a women’s fitness blog, shares exercise examples, and I do the upper back exercise daily.
Ohhhhh, it feels so good.

Always tri.  Never stop.