Week 3 Recap: IM Cozumel

Week 3 recap of Ironman Cozumel training.
A hot mess – that’s how I’d describe the first half.  Nothing worked together as my negative mindset tried to dominate every move. Thankfully my heart took over, just in time.

Sunday’s late day swim and run; sloppy.  Bad form, slow speed and sore body.    Plus my attitude stunk, just like the guy’s cologne who walked into the pool area.  His scent seeped through the water.
I swear that’s true !!!

The bad attitude still brewed on Tuesday.  Dominant emotions included snappy, irritable, and sick-and-tired of being snappy and irritable.  By Wednesday I hunted for any excuse to rest.
Couldn’t I take just one day off???

Thursday’s run started with the same tone, then about 30 minutes in something happened.  Shear joy, happiness washed over me.  The moment lasted a brief three minutes; enough time to bring hope and a memory that misery doesn’t last.
Ohhhh yea.  Bliss feels soooo blissful.

During Friday’s ride I thought how each training season starts with the same groove.  The commitment fills me with excitement.  Then reality hits, usually around week 2.
Good Lord what did I sign up for???

Newport Beach Back BayThen Sunday, while riding to Newport Beach’s Back Bay (and dealing with headwinds), I thought about that cycle.

Sometimes, somethings try to hold us back.  It could be headwinds, other people, or our mindset.  The trick to getting through the muck is to patiently keep moving.  The results are priceless.

Always Tri.  Never Stop.
Featured Image photo found on Tineke Stewart.