Vegan challenge

Five days into Lent and struggling with eating vegan. Wednesday through Saturday I did fine. In fact my hunger felt content and emotionally I felt powerful with the healthy choices. Yes mid-morning and mid-afternoon I wanted something satisfying and found it via celery boats (celery filled with almond Celery boatbutter, fruit and granola).

One nice surprise was not craving BBQ, chips or sweets during Friday night’s Poker Party Fundraiser for TNG Real Estate.

Still by noon on Saturday I hungered for something beyond beans, rice, salad and celery. Something that could quench the hunger and re-build the muscles after Friday’s 60 lap swim and Saturday’s 7 mile run. Today I cheated with eggs and beacon. Yummm. My body loved it, and I feel balanced.

So here’s plan B; eat vegan M-F and Sat-Sun eat like I’m training for a triathlon.

If I could figure out how to get needed nutrients after a long workout I’d be open to eating vegan M-Sun. Got suggestions, please share.