Bikes Meet Tank

What happens when a bike race meets a military tank? The Norwegian Arctic Bike Race, that passes through a military base, found themselves joined by a tank.  “We wanted to give them a warm welcome and to ride with them while they were in our camp,” said Lt. Col. Pal Berglund. It was a special surprise Read more about Bikes Meet Tank[…]


The Goggle Quest Continues

Goggle Update: Since July I’ve been looking for goggles that don’t fog up or leak, and after testing about 7 styles I finally found a pair that works great.  TYR Performance Mirrored Next Pro. I’m on a goggle quest to find the best goggle for me. Gayla, owner of Tri Zone in Los Alamitos, convinced Read more about The Goggle Quest Continues[…]

Tired of Ironman training

7 Week Itch of Tri Training

Got a 7 week itch of tri training. The take away:  Sometimes the best thing to do is sleep. As much as I talk about being positive, having a healthy mind, at times I need an attitude adjustment.  That’s happening now, and that’s because I’m tired.  So, after a good night’s sleep everything will be Read more about 7 Week Itch of Tri Training[…]

Bike chain

Week 5 Recap; Ironman Training

After a tough week 4, which ended with a kick ass ride lead by the Warrior, week 5 left me feeling strong and positive. The take away: find joy in the process. Also, here’s a protein rich snack that fed my sweet tooth. Mix a few scoops of cottage cheese with a handful of fresh Read more about Week 5 Recap; Ironman Training[…]


Giving 100% Trust

Admittedly, it’s difficult for me to give 100% trust.  It’s something I want to do but have never done as an adult.  Then today I saw this video and was mesmerized by their physical beauty and 100% trust in each other. Watch it and see if you too are inspired to connect with someone to Read more about Giving 100% Trust[…]

smiley face

Pascal Finette – The Heretic

You have this one lifetime to achieve happiness. You’re a fool if you don’t go for it! ~ Pascal Finette Truth be told, I’m not sure Pascal authored the above quote, but since he sent it to me I’ll give him credit. In October 2012 I met Pascal at the TEDxOC event.  Afterwards we shared Read more about Pascal Finette – The Heretic[…]

Eat less sugar

Sugar ain’t so sweet

Recently my doctor told me I was heading towards diabetes, and since then I’ve been on a quest to better understand nutrition. Discovery #1 – I know diddly squat about nutrition, which is shocking, for I really believed my diet was balanced.  Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. Still, the point is I really need to Read more about Sugar ain’t so sweet[…]

Power of choice

Day 40 – Choose to find your purpose

Racing Ironman taught me many lessons.  One was the power of choices, including choosing to seek out and find my purpose. That’s something to think about – To know your purpose you must choose to seek it out just like you choose other life choices – eating healthy, hydrating, thinking positively.  We are born with Read more about Day 40 – Choose to find your purpose[…]

Make a commitment to you

Day 37 – Make a commitment to you

During this 100 Days To Tri challenge I’ve been reminded of how critical it is to be 100% committed to your life and dreams, to explore options that enable your life to thrive. Along the way people and society might try to discourage you.  You might question your logic.  Unavoidable roadblocks will get in your Read more about Day 37 – Make a commitment to you[…]