Recap Week 4: IM Cozumel

So grateful for last week’s lite training, less than 8 hours.  That provided plenty of time to rest, sleep, cook, clean.  Basic life chores to help me feel good and healthy. Not sure about you, but if my environment is disheveled  I feel disheveled.  Now, the house is organized as am I, and ready to Read more about Recap Week 4: IM Cozumel[…]

Geelong 70.3

Week 3 Recap: IM Cozumel

Week 3 recap of Ironman Cozumel training. A hot mess – that’s how I’d describe the first half.  Nothing worked together as my negative mindset tried to dominate every move. Thankfully my heart took over, just in time. Sunday’s late day swim and run; sloppy.  Bad form, slow speed and sore body.    Plus my attitude Read more about Week 3 Recap: IM Cozumel[…]

Love is in the details

On Making Monday Happy

It’s a Happy Monday.  Admittedly at some point everyone has faced this day with dread.  Maybe the weekend sapped your energy, or your workload is chaotic and overwhelming the senses to paralysis. No matter the reason way, to make this day productive we need to focus and discipline.  Those two little acts can bring a Read more about On Making Monday Happy[…]