Tips for traveling and working out.

On the go, on the go, I’m always on the go.  Fast and crazy schedules tend to mess up my workouts.  No more!  With time I created a few good travel workout tips and wanted to them with you.  Happy trails.

Know your options

Ask the hotel consigner if the hotel has a gym, lap pool, and if  the neighborhood is running friendly.  Better yet, research when local running clubs workout, and if possible, join them.  It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and learn about the area.

Run VegasOne of my favorite travel workouts was in Vegas, running down The Strip at 6am when nearly everyone else was slothing along wishing for bed.

To prepare for that fun run I followed a few helpful tips from Social Workout.

Pack smart

Think layering.  Stick to 1 or 2 colors.  Dark colors look cleaner.   Pending on space and time, gear might include:

  • Running shoes, flip-flops
  • Exercise clothes, visor and hair pull
  • Swimsuit, cap and goggles
  • Jump-rope
  • Resistance tubes
  • Sunblock, lip gloss
  • Headphones

NOTE: I NEVER ride with headphones and rarely run with them.  Partly to prepare for Ironman (they are not allowed during any portion of the race), and partly to keep me tuned into my surroundings.  I like to hear if someone is running or cycling behind me, and headphones blocks those sounds.  Still, I use them when flying, unwinding in the room, and running on a treadmill.

Sport to Street

I’m a huge believer that workout clothes can be used as street clothes.  For example, a high quality black yoga pant can be dressed up for night time fun.  And, Bodyism makes a beautiful sports bra that can be worn with street clothes.


With very limited time try these six exercises or stretch.  They only take a few minutes, and they boost energy.

If you have other travel workout tips, please share.

Thrive.  One stroke, one pedal, one step at a time.