Travel Tues – Cycle around Vegas

Ditch the conference and cycle around Vegas

During a recent trip to Vegas, cyclist who climbed the red rock hills distracted me.  I was there for a conference, barely had time to do push-ups.

Between signal lights I spoke to a few cyclist and discovered they were training for the Tour de Summerlin ride.  It was happening that weekend, and I could have joined in. Ohhhh.

It was a missed opportunity.  So sad, especially since I had a house rental through the weekend.  And, because I drove to Vegas I could have brought my bike.

Lesson learned.  When traveling (especially if traveling for work), research what’s happening in the city, and see if you can join in their fun.  You might find time to enjoy the scenic route.

For those interested, here are a few cycling resources for your next trip to Vegas:

  1. Vegas cycle routes
  2. Broken Spoke, a bike shop in Summerlin
  3. Summerlin ride routes, thanks to Map My Ride