Taper Down

Feel good and happy about the last two weeks of training.

Last Saturday did 7h/30m of training, nearly equal to a 1/2 Ironman. Best part was swimming 5,000 yards, which was just over the 2.4 miles needed for the Ironman. Even better was the lack of pain in my right shoulder, and I felt rested for the ride.

Thought I’d be riding alone, but was happily surprised to see my friend, Art, waiting for me as I got out of the pool. It was great to have his company, for who wants to ride solo for 4h/30m.

The latest physical challenge is my bruised toenails. Ouch!!!! Any suggestions, please let me know.

It’s time to taper down; only eight hours of training this week. Yesterday I swam and ran, each for 30 minutes. Today I rode for one hour. Tomorrow I’ll swim and run again. Then Saturday go strong with five hours; one for swimming, then a brick of riding and running, each two hours. Then finish the week with a 1h/15m recovery ride.

Can’t help but feel excited for next week; leaving for Tempe and for participating in the IMAZ race. It’s been a year in the training. The positive chatter of all my training friends is so addictive too.

Also, many thanks to my friend Matt Luke (former MLB player with the Angels, Dodgers & Yankees) for helping me focus on how to relax in the water.