Happy New Year

Goal setting

The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your priorities, dreams & goals. Setting short & long-term goals is a wonderful process to decide what you want to achieve, to explore what is important, a distraction, or irrelevant. Goals, when achieved, build confidence, and they are a great motivation tool. Most goal setting books talk about the benefits of Read more about Goal setting[…]

Rob Keller MD Glutathione

Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant

To understand why Glutathione is called the Master Antioxidant, especially for athletes, let’s first look at what happens to the body during a workout. The athlete generates free radicals, which react within the cells by a process called oxidation. Oxidation can create inflammation. If the inflammation accumulates, it decreases the function of the cell and eventually Read more about Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant[…]

Inspirational spark

Need An Inspirational Spark? Read On.

For six-months I’ve been coaching a friend train for her first 70.3, an Ironman half distance triathlon. Race day is next month, and last week she seeked an inspirational spark. Something that will spank her ass, give her strength, and move her fine bad-ass all the way to the finish line. She is physically ready.  She Read more about Need An Inspirational Spark? Read On.[…]

Walking_Public Domain Pictures

Need 5k Racing Tips? Read This.

People often talk about wanting to race then they say, But I don’t have time. But I don’t have support. But I don’t like to run.  But, but, but …  The one thing they don’t realize is that their “but” is literally keeping them on their butt. Been there done that. Thousands of “buts” kept me on Read more about Need 5k Racing Tips? Read This.[…]

let go be happy

Strengthening a weak mindset

Hard to admit this, but … my #1 challenge when racing Ironman is strengthening a weak mindset. This post shares my #1 tool to develop a peaceful & powerful mindset. First, let me share this.  Early into training I learned Ironman requires more mental strength then physical strength. Of course it’s physical.  You must swim Read more about Strengthening a weak mindset[…]

Power of choice

Day 40 – Choose to find your purpose

Racing Ironman taught me many lessons.  One was the power of choices, including choosing to seek out and find my purpose. That’s something to think about – To know your purpose you must choose to seek it out just like you choose other life choices – eating healthy, hydrating, thinking positively.  We are born with Read more about Day 40 – Choose to find your purpose[…]

Lily Dog

Day 35 – Lily Dog, the best running partner

My #1 running partner is Lily Dog – hands down. This morning I procrastinated with the run, until I asked Lily if she wanted to go with me.  Her reaction – priceless.  She put a smile on my face, got me out the door, and together we shared a fun run.   Thanks Lily.  You’re the Read more about Day 35 – Lily Dog, the best running partner[…]


Day 33 – Eliminate Pain

Today one big element is trying to stop my triathlon commitment – PAIN. Yes, yoga and massages can counter it, yet I procrastinate. Why?  Well, work and time hindered my focus. So … if you’re like me and feeling a bit off-course, let’s take this great opportunity to explore and prioritize our commitments.  Ask one Read more about Day 33 – Eliminate Pain[…]


Day 32 – Commit to your dreams

Hard to believe there are 10 weeks left in my 100 Day To Tri.  Time flies. For fun, I decided to share 10 tools I use to succeed in racing Ironman.  To do so I’ll dedicate one tool to each of the following 10 weeks in hopes that the insight will be helpful to you. Read more about Day 32 – Commit to your dreams[…]

Control the Plot Twist

Day 31 – Stay in control

During my 100 Days To Tri a few truths emerge.  Being in control of what you can control is one of them. David, who I met last night, reminded me about it.  We shared a lane in the swimming pool, and afterwards he talked about the joy of regaining control of his life after breaking Read more about Day 31 – Stay in control[…]