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5 Tips To Eliminate Self-Doubt

It’s been said Ironman racing requires more mental strength than physical strength. I agree 100%. With that said consider this – can Ironman, the world’s toughest endurance sport, save your mind? That idea rings true with me. My mind needed saving from chronic PTSD, a condition rooted 30 years earlier from a stalker, rapist who Read more about 5 Tips To Eliminate Self-Doubt[…]

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Pascal Finette – The Heretic

You have this one lifetime to achieve happiness. You’re a fool if you don’t go for it! ~ Pascal Finette Truth be told, I’m not sure Pascal authored the above quote, but since he sent it to me I’ll give him credit. In October 2012 I met Pascal at the TEDxOC event.  Afterwards we shared Read more about Pascal Finette – The Heretic[…]

TED Talks Explore the Meaning of Life

Today a homeless man asked me, “Do you know the meaning of life?”
I said, “It’s a mystery.” Yet the question stuck.  You’d think by age 52 I’d know the answer.

TED Talk Ideas Worth SpreadingThe question reminded me of my TED Talk interview.  Then the indelible question was, “If given 24-hours to live, what advice would you give the world?”

The ultimate TED quest was to be relevant by being irrelevant in less than 10 minutes.

Answering the elusive question was proving to be truly elusive.

I searched for wisdom by talking with family, friends, associates, teachers, children, and even the dog, Lily, who (by the way) had one of the best answers.  She brought me a dish and a ball.  From her point of view life boils down to eating and playing, not necessarily in that order.

Offering advice to the world was paralyzing for two reasons.  First, I was uneasy with giving advice, for rarely was I asked to share it.  Second, I couldn’t think of any advice to share. Too cliché to say, “save money, don’t go to bed angry, and have faith.”

Really, what timeless advice could I share that could connect with everyone: young, old, man, woman of any race, religion, and culture?  Some said preparing for a TED Talk would be more challenging than Ironman training.  That proved to be true.

Ah ha … I get it.  I got it.


TEDxOC. The Voice Within

The video of my TEDxOrangeCoast talk posted today, and I’m mixed with emotions. One side I’m so proud of the content and hope the message brings strength to anyone who’s been sexually assaulted and learning to listen to their inner voice. On the other had, before the video was posted I envisioned myself looking strong, Read more about TEDxOC. The Voice Within[…]