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Need 5k Racing Tips? Read This.

People often talk about wanting to race then they say, But I don’t have time. But I don’t have support. But I don’t like to run.  But, but, but …  The one thing they don’t realize is that their “but” is literally keeping them on their butt. Been there done that. Thousands of “buts” kept me on Read more about Need 5k Racing Tips? Read This.[…]

Eye Spy

A Drifter

Eye spy with my little eye … a Drifter.  That’s what you call a swimmer who can’t swim a straight line. I’ve been a Drifter, usually during ocean swims.  If you’re a fellow Drifter and don’t know how to get back on track here’s a tip: spot an object like the shore, a building, or another swimmer. Read more about A Drifter[…]

Review: Crotch Guard

Getting ready for another Ironman race. Training has not started, but that doesn’t stop me from testing products to make the journey smoother, more comfortable, less painful. Here’s one I’ll share, and hopefully the insight will help other cyclist and swimmers too. Yes, Crotch Guard first got my attention because of its naughty-sounding name. But funny Read more about Review: Crotch Guard[…]

managing self doubt

Managing Self Doubt

How do you manage self doubt? Lately, for me it’s been difficult especially as Ironman training kicks into high gear.  Words that race through my head include: What am I doing? I feel like a failure with balancing business, training, family, friends. I’m tired with 85% of my body being sore 100% of the time. Read more about Managing Self Doubt[…]

Measure success

Measure Success

Beyond conquering the course and embracing the journey, Ironman offers an opportunity to have a tight body. Bring it on!!! To measure success I am tracking weight, inches, and training hours. Here are the results. Week 1 – 9 Training Hours: 95 Swim:   2,025 laps (either 25 yards or 25 meters) Ride:         420 miles Read more about Measure Success[…]


The Goggle Quest Continues

Goggle Update: Since July I’ve been looking for goggles that don’t fog up or leak, and after testing about 7 styles I finally found a pair that works great.  TYR Performance Mirrored Next Pro. I’m on a goggle quest to find the best goggle for me. Gayla, owner of Tri Zone in Los Alamitos, convinced Read more about The Goggle Quest Continues[…]

Tired of Ironman training

7 Week Itch of Tri Training

Got a 7 week itch of tri training. The take away:  Sometimes the best thing to do is sleep. As much as I talk about being positive, having a healthy mind, at times I need an attitude adjustment.  That’s happening now, and that’s because I’m tired.  So, after a good night’s sleep everything will be Read more about 7 Week Itch of Tri Training[…]


Week 6 recap; Ironman training

This week’s training take away: Be aware.  That’s exactly what I thought right after tripping during Sunday’s run. It happened about 30 minutes into the run, right when my groove felt right.  Going to the beach by way of Molino Ave, near PCH in Long Beach.  I thought, okay, let’s not run this route again.  Read more about Week 6 recap; Ironman training[…]

The Amazing, Thriving Greta Andersen

Just got back from interviewing Greta Andersen, an 87-year old swimming instructor who is also a gold and silver medal winner from the 1948 London Olympics, and who also won 13 world championships and set 72 amateur competitive swimming records and who is also multi-time member of the 24-hour club.   Needless to say, she is Read more about The Amazing, Thriving Greta Andersen[…]