Casey Gerald

Casey Gerald; We’ve Got More Work To Do

Today I watched Casey Gerald’s speech to the Harvard Business School class of 2014.  His message touched on the commitment one makes to transform their life, their world.  His message was simple; We’ve got more work to do. His call to action – We’ve got more work to do – was a combination of Dr. Read more about Casey Gerald; We’ve Got More Work To Do[…]


Happy Monday

How is your day going so far? Are you struggling to get it started? If so, take a few moments to focus and create a calm work environment. 1st, prioritize tasks. 2nd, declutter your desk of distractions. 3rd, light a candle for a special person. Then, dedicate the day to that person.  Think of their Read more about Happy Monday[…]

California Drought Rain

Be Sustainable – Take a shower with a friend

It’s estimated 50% of household water is wasted – I’m guilty of letting water go down the drain while waiting for water to warm up, brushing my teeth, or washing the car. Driving to Napa for the HITS 70.3 race and reading drought signage along the way really hit home, and now I’m looking for Read more about Be Sustainable – Take a shower with a friend[…]

Revolutionize Recycling

While touring Rainbow Environmental Services (aka “The Dump” in Huntington Beach, CA), I discovered they recycle 30,000 cans every week.  Crazy.  Please people recycle your bottles/cans and then get cash.  It’s a win/win. Then today I watched this video from Fast Company, the GreenBean machine is working to get people to recycle bottles and cans Read more about Revolutionize Recycling[…]