Electrolyte diagram

Review: Electro-Bites

Six weeks after finishing Ironman Cozumel and I’m 85% recovered. Then again, recovery might be taking longer then normal because I ate massive amounts of chocolate and drank loads of wine during the holidays. Nothing better then balancing six months of Ironman training with six weeks of gluttony … right! 2016 begins with getting my Read more about Review: Electro-Bites[…]


Be Adventurous

Moved into another training week with my nephew, Joel, asking if training included running trails.  Nope.  I’m pretty structured.  Stick with the plan and only run on the road. Then I thought, hey, let’s mix it up.  Be  adventurous.   Get out of the routine. See new sites. So Sunday I ran through Peter’s Canyon. Loved Read more about Be Adventurous[…]

A balance act life cycle

Healthy Balance Act

Through trial and error I learned a tough lesson.  Ironman requires a healthy balance act with nutrition.  Just because I burn thousands of calories during training weeks or 8,000 – 10,000 on race day, doesn’t mean I can eat junk. At times cupcakes sound great for breakfast. Electrolytes, here’s why it’s important to balance them. Read more about Healthy Balance Act[…]

Measure success

Measure Success

Beyond conquering the course and embracing the journey, Ironman offers an opportunity to have a tight body. Bring it on!!! To measure success I am tracking weight, inches, and training hours. Here are the results. Week 1 – 9 Training Hours: 95 Swim:   2,025 laps (either 25 yards or 25 meters) Ride:         420 miles Read more about Measure Success[…]


Ironman Nutrition

There are five disciplines to Ironman: swim, bike, run, transitions, and nutrition.  Of the five my biggest challenge is finding the right nutritional balance, for that makes or breaks the day. At the bottom of this post is a resource I use to help balance carbs, proteins, and fats.  But for now let me share Read more about Ironman Nutrition[…]

kelley urbani

Day 12 – Angel vs. Devil

Having an angel vs devil moment between a pear and a chocolate donut. Logic tells me the donut is no good, but my mind is trying to justify eating the beautiful chocolate mouth-full-of-joy because I just swam 50 laps. Then I think about yesterday’s conversation with Kelly Urbani, founder of Strength Wraps and one bad-ass Read more about Day 12 – Angel vs. Devil[…]