bike transportation

Bike Transport

Today I checked in my bike at Cycle Werks for transport to Cozumel.  They are a partner of TriBike Transport, the actual company that will transport my baby. TriBike Transport has relationships with bike shops all around the U.S., and many triathletes who race outside of their hometown use their service to transport their bike Read more about Bike Transport[…]

Measure success

Measure Success; Part 2

It’s been two months since posting Part 1 of Measure Success, tracking weight, inches, and training hours for Ironman Cozumel.  Here are the latest results for weeks 10 – 19. Total Training Hours: 130 Swim:   2,750+ laps (either 25 yards or 25 meters) Ride:         900+ miles (both road and spinning) Run:          175 miles (primarily Read more about Measure Success; Part 2[…]

Recap Week 4: IM Cozumel

So grateful for last week’s lite training, less than 8 hours.  That provided plenty of time to rest, sleep, cook, clean.  Basic life chores to help me feel good and healthy. Not sure about you, but if my environment is disheveled  I feel disheveled.  Now, the house is organized as am I, and ready to Read more about Recap Week 4: IM Cozumel[…]

Geelong 70.3

Week 3 Recap: IM Cozumel

Week 3 recap of Ironman Cozumel training. A hot mess – that’s how I’d describe the first half.  Nothing worked together as my negative mindset tried to dominate every move. Thankfully my heart took over, just in time. Sunday’s late day swim and run; sloppy.  Bad form, slow speed and sore body.    Plus my attitude Read more about Week 3 Recap: IM Cozumel[…]

San Clemente

San Juan Capistrano

Here’s the latest travel, ride and IM training connection:  San Juan Capistrano. I’ve ridden through SJC many times, both on the train and on my bike.  Love the history of the Mission and the swallows.  The rolling hills are beautiful and challenging.  The quiet streets can get loud after happy hour. Last Saturday I was Read more about San Juan Capistrano[…]