Boston Marathon

Shocked by the Boston Marathon bombing. Violence rattles my faith, hope & love, but it won’t knock me down, for I have a solid rock to stand on. Today I don’t want to talk about CSR or Ironman, rather I just want to run and train for next year’s Boston Marathon.  It’ll help me shows Read more about Boston Marathon[…]

Success Defined

The last 10 days, after speaking at two conferences, I feel positive about life. In Vegas I moderated a CSR panel for the Women in Default Services conference.  Four amazing companies sat on the panel – Freddie Mac, PEMCO, U.S. Bank and Microsoft. First, to innovate the panel I organized a tour of Zappos Downtown Read more about Success Defined[…]


Passion is elusive this morning.  No, no no — I haven’t lost my drive for life.  Rather, I’m writing a book, working on a chapter titled, “Passion”, and struggling with how to verbalize the feeling. My words seemed so boring.  Then I read this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and wanted to share it with you. Passion Read more about Passion[…]

Chocolate + Math = an Idea Worth Spreading

Is math boring? Many kids think so. Unless they’ve taken Nigel Nisbet’s math class where he used chocolate to get kids thinking.  Nigel then applied his teaching concept to visual math games with a penguin named Jiji. During TEDxOC event I met Nigel, the Director of Content Creation for Mind Research Institute.  Nigel shared how Read more about Chocolate + Math = an Idea Worth Spreading[…]

TEDxOC. The Voice Within

The video of my TEDxOrangeCoast talk posted today, and I’m mixed with emotions. One side I’m so proud of the content and hope the message brings strength to anyone who’s been sexually assaulted and learning to listen to their inner voice. On the other had, before the video was posted I envisioned myself looking strong, Read more about TEDxOC. The Voice Within[…]

Kind Words

Spent some time in the lobby of a Marriott today.  While there I overheard a Supervisor speak to a co-worker.  It was a simple moment that didn’t last more an :30, but it was so sweet. The ladies were setting up for happy hour when the Supervisor told the co-worker what a great job she Read more about Kind Words[…]

Let go of the mountain

Thinking about a ski trip to Whistler. I took it about 10 years ago with my friend, Susana. One day we hired a Mountain Guide, Vic, who’d toured us around both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. About 2 hours into the tour Vic says, “Let’s go to the top of the mountain. There’s a great green Read more about Let go of the mountain[…]

Sarah Reinertsen

There are six Ironman races happening today: National races: Buffalo Springs, Syracuse, and Coeur d’Alene International races: Japan, Tremblant, and France My friend and IM training partner is racing CdA.  Go Angela. Finish strong. One female IM athlete that I find inspirational is Sarah Reinersten.  She’s the first female athlete, with a physical disability, to Read more about Sarah Reinertsen[…]

Emmanuel Yeboa

Does the name Emmanuel Yeboah sound familiar? I learned about him a few months back, and now his story is embedded in my heart. For one short moment last Sunday I had the honor of riding with him during the Challenged Athletes Foundation triathlon event. Here’s how it happened. Around mile 35, riding south close Read more about Emmanuel Yeboa[…]