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Strengthening a weak mindset

Hard to admit this, but … my #1 challenge when racing Ironman is strengthening a weak mindset. This post shares my #1 tool to develop a peaceful & powerful mindset. First, let me share this.  Early into training I learned Ironman requires more mental strength then physical strength. Of course it’s physical.  You must swim Read more about Strengthening a weak mindset[…]

Focus. Focus. Focus.

Focus.  Focus.  Focus.  Need to listen to my own advice. This morning I drove away with my swim bag on top of the trunk.  About 2 miles down the road cars were honking, and while looking around to see who was offended, I spied with my little eye … my bag flying through the air.  Read more about Focus. Focus. Focus.[…]

Happy Monday – It’s a beautiful day

Why does Monday get a bad rap?  I think it’s the best day of the week.  After all, it was the day I was born. Plus, every Monday gives me a fresh, new feeling like New Year’s Day and Easter, which brings a sense of a clean slate – so to speak. Here’s a thought: Read more about Happy Monday – It’s a beautiful day[…]

Control the Plot Twist

Day 31 – Stay in control

During my 100 Days To Tri a few truths emerge.  Being in control of what you can control is one of them. David, who I met last night, reminded me about it.  We shared a lane in the swimming pool, and afterwards he talked about the joy of regaining control of his life after breaking Read more about Day 31 – Stay in control[…]


Day 23 – Love is in the details

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand more times – be proactive.  If you’re like me – a procrastinator – that’s easier said than done, but it pays off.  The trick is to be proactive with the end in mind. The end goal for racing Ironman or another triathlon is getting to Read more about Day 23 – Love is in the details[…]