Roller Coaster

Success, completely

Last week I signed up for a 15k run. It’s an easy distance compared to a full Ironman. But since gaining a few pounds, enjoying an unstructured schedule, and feeling mentally weak – I’m feeling apprehensive, tired. My lack of motivation stirred up feeling of failure, sadness, frustration. Then today an associate, an entrepreneurial guru, shared his business Read more about Success, completely[…]

Build a good name

Had a flashback today while listening to an interview with punk rocker Patti Smith.  I lived vicariously through her music and poetry.  Love her spirit, and I’m  still inspired by how she walks to the beat of her own drum. Well, during the interview she talked about what really matters in life; Build a good Read more about Build a good name[…]

Commit To You

Last weekend I had a great time in San Francisco visiting friends and enjoying some R&R.  But by Monday the only drink I wanted was water, and the one thing I needed was a run to sweat out the toxins. I was not committed to a run till 10 a.m., and only embraced it around Read more about Commit To You[…]