Swimming drills by Dave Scott, 6x Ironman Champion

As I build new muscle memory to repair my right shoulder I came across this YouTube video of Dave Scott offering tips to help improve swimming.

If you too are trying to improve your freestyle stroke, you might want to check this out.
Dave Scott swimming tips

I hope it helps.

On a humorous self deprecating side note (this may be TMI, but … )
To stay motivated today I wore my Ironman workout bra. It’s says “Ironman” right across the front. Yahooooo.
The agenda: run then swim. All’s good until I shower after swimming.
That’s when I realized my only clothing option was to put on the stinky running clothes, Ironman bra included.

You may or may not know this but … when you put on clothes that are wet or when your body is wet (both true for me), the clothes tend to roll while you put them on. That proved to be true today.

Picture (if you will) me trying to put on this sweaty workout bra only to have it stop past by shoulder blades. Elbows are high in the air and hands are somewhere between bra and skin working to pull the rolled-up bra down. Yet with the pain in my shoulder, I got stuck and couldn’t move. Thank God no one came into the locker room, for it was quite a site; topless and tied up (so to speak). I just kept thinking … Some Ironman I’m turning out to be; Really putting the Ironman image to shame.