Sunday Run

Sunday morning’s first  thought  … get that run in early before the heat, rain, and humidity hits.

Out the door by 8am and instantly felt the touch of hot, sweet sweat, even while standing in the shade.
Wish I kicked my butt out of bed at 5:30am.

The beach called.  There it’d  be cooler than the hills.  So off I went.  Down Junipero to Ocean.  South to the pier and turn around, about  7 miles.Beach memories

The beach’s cool  breeze felt great, yet even better …

I appreciated the simple moments along the way that gave me a sense of what’s happening in this community.


  • A homeless man cheered me on and gave me a high five.
  • Morning greetings from a couple stepping into church.
  • The sound of church bells ringing.
  • Hearing two men talk about healthy eating habits.
  • Reading a poster about a lost three legged dog.
  • A beautiful garden growing in a blighted neighborhood.
  • The many kind people who stepped aside for me.
  • The facial expressions of people running a 5k along the beach.  Some were focused.  Others seemed either constipated or happy; Both expressions can be very similar.  Either way, I felt empathy for their quest.

Those moments stole the attention from three numb toes.  The soothing sound of waves brought some joy to the heat.  And, the week’s mental clutter slipped away with the sweat.

Other highlights during week 7Eichler Homes

  • Seeing Eichler homes in Orange during Saturday’s 50 mile ride (avg speed; 16 mph).
  • Finding mental discipline to swim and run Thursday night.
  • Discovering Week 8 only requires 7h/30m of training.  Yahoo!

Always tri.  Never stop.