Sugar ain’t so sweet

Recently my doctor told me I was heading towards diabetes, and since then I’ve been on a quest to better understand nutrition.

Discovery #1 – I know diddly squat about nutrition, which is shocking, for I really believed my diet was balanced.  Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. Still, the point is I really need to better understand sugar consumption because I have hypoglycemia, a condition characterized by an abnormally low level of blood sugar, and that gave an ideal (yet ignorant) guilt free scenario to eat high amounts of sugar.

Discovery #2 – If the book, SUGAR BUSTERS!, is correct my sugar intake is too high.  Yet after reading a few diabetic recipe books many recipes have high amounts of carbohydrates, which increases glucose levels.

So … where is the balance?  That is the quest, and clearly there is much to learn, which I’ll do.  But for now a chocolate chip muffin would be great with my morning tea.  If someone has a good low-sugar recipe for that – PLEASE, let me know.