October 13, 2012

Success Stories

JFHQ California
California National GuardThis training briefing included 100+ leaders at the CA Joint Forces Head Quarters in Sacramento. Topics included: sexual assault prevention, bystander intervention, PTSD management, and resiliency through Post Traumatic Growth.


Camp Roberts

Camp Roberts, CaliforniaThis training supported troops during their annual training and pre-deployment training.  Topics included: sexual assault prevention, bystander intervention, PTSD management, and resiliency through Post Traumatic Growth.


Oakley; teaching 40 kids how to ski
This community engagement campaign kicked off Annemarie’s journey into Corporate Responsibility (CSR).

The campaign idea was sparked while talking Oakley with the Executive Director of the Kaiser Permanente Watts Counseling and Learning Center, who mentioned looking for field trip opportunities for the children.

After calling a few friends who worked in the skiing industry, all logistic details were set: the Manager of a local ski resort donated rentals, tickets and lessons. The owner of a bus touring company donated a 40-passanger bus. Oakley donated goggles.

McDonalds; raising $20,000 for Ronald McDonald House
This cause marketing campaign was created to raise awareness and money for the Ronald McDonald McDonaldsHouse.

To accomplish that, Annemarie tied the Ronald McDonald House to the Anaheim Angels’ first baseman, Mo Vaughn, three-time All-Star and one time American League MVP.

To raise money, every time Mo would hit a home run, he would donate money to the Ronald McDonald House.  To bring awareness, an advertising campaign was created, which included: TV, Radio, and Public Service Announcements played every time Mo when to bat, the radio and TV broadcasters would mention that if he hits a home run the Ronald McDonald House would receive a donation.

Nissan; teaching people how to play hockey
This community engagement campaign helped Nissan North America’s western regional division strengthen their relationship with two communities: consumers and dealers.

Regarding Nissanconsumers: Nissan wanted to reach Mighty Duck hockey fans, yet another foreign car company had in-arena rights. With research Annemarie discovered Nissan could reach fans and promote the team partnership outside the arena.

So, Annemarie created a community outreach campaign for Nissan that included a portable hockey rink that could be placed in the parking lot of a shopping center, and it would be used to teach people how to play hockey.  Fans could also stop by and win tickets to a game or other merchandise.

Regarding dealers: Nissan created in-suite events to help strengthen relationships with local dealers.  There’s nothing better than spending 3-hours with someone in a suite to build relationships.

Redbull; silently supporting math and science
This community engagement campaign proved to be most challenging, and that’s because RedbullRedbull wanted to support a very specific community yet they didn’t want recognition, and they didn’t want the campaign to generate revenue.  Rather their goal was to connect with senior high school students, that were studying the connection between math, physics and sports.

So Annemarie partnered Redbull with the California Science Center during a math and science contest with California’s brightest high school students.  Redbull donated money to the Center and distributed product to staff, junior and senior high school students & their parents.  In return they did not distribute marketing material or receive signage or name recognition; a true stealth community engagement campaign.

Target; raising $10,000 for local charities
This multi-level community outreach campaign involved point of purchase material, in-store Targetend-cap location, co-op marketing with Coca-Cola, discount tickets, an in-game entertainment feature during the Mighty Ducks hockey games, and charity donations.

Sounds complicated? It was, yet it was also a blast to develop.

With Coca-Cola paying for part of the campaign, they received an end-cap location for a month in Target stores surrounding the Arrowhead Pond.  Plus, the bottles promoted the Mighty Ducks; each purchase the buyer could purchase discount tickets to a game.  During the game, the entertainment featured a goal with Target’s logo. A fan was chosen to shoot a puck into the net.  If they hit the Target sign they’d win Mighty Duck merchandise, and Target would donate money to a local charity.

MLB – helping kids improve their social skills
This community engagement campaign centered around MLB’s Los Angeles club of MLB RBIReviving Baseball Inner City (RBI-LA).  With the rise in soccer and basketball, many inner city children in L.A. were no longer playing baseball, and RBI-LA needed a boost in participation.

To help, Annemarie secured the support of Tommy Hawkins, legendary NBA player and former V.P. of Community Affairs for the L.A. Dodgers plus Lunch Advertising.  Together their guidance created a marketing campaign, showing children that RBI-LA would help level the playing field with their life.

RBI-LA helped children learn the game, and it provided social support off the field, teaching players life skills that addressed alcohol, drugs, tobacco, HIV/AIDS prevention and education for 13-18 year old children.

Lunch Advertising – leading 50 employees to volunteer 400 hours
This employee wellness campaign involved 50 employees in three different cities taking the day to volunteer, totaling 400 community hours.

To prepare, Annemarie surveyed the employees as to which community engagement activity they’d want to support.  Then each office choose one charity to support.  In the end, the employees felt the campaign created more team work, more pride in the company, and happier for giving back to their community.

L.A. Sheriff Department – building confidence for 250 kids
This community engagement campaign involved L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca’s Vital Intervention and L.A. SherrifDirectional Alternative (V.I.D.A.) program that works with children in the juvenile court system.

In conjunction with Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson, Annemarie created Stop, Challenge & Choose — a program to help teach at-risk kids how to improve their social skills through sports.  This was a two-step process.

First, they’d meet at a V.I.D.A. location and conduct a workshop to help the kids become better aware of negative emotions (anger, frustration, sadness) and how to discipline their mind to make good choices.

Then, they’d take the kids on a field trip to a pro-sports venue (California Speedway, Arrowhead Pond etc).  There the kids would have an all-access tour, and then they’d meet with either a professional athlete or a leader within the organization.  That person would talk about the importance of social skills, creating goals, and staying focused.

Multi-Cultural Trade Assoc –  business development for 150 W/MOE
This supplier diversity campaign was created to strengthen business opportunities for members of the top three minority real estate trade associations: AREAA, NAHREP, and NAREB.

Annemarie wrote a course on the foreclosure process, which included short sales, Broker Price Opinions and bank-owned real estate (REO).  The course was accredited by the California and Georgia Department of Real Estate for continuing eduction credit, and members of the minority trade association were given a discounted price to attend a workshops throughout California and Atlanta.

The workshops included a synergistic partnership between the three trade associations and LPS Asset Management, whose clients included: GMAC, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, and the U.S. Sheriff.  It was their goal to increase supply diversity with their real estate agents.