Shoulder PT with Jack Chen

After a fellow cyclist (Cliff) wouldn’t stop giving me hell for putting up with shoulder pain, I bit the bullet and paid for physical therapy.

I was very reluctant because of past physical therapy (PT) experiences, and it’s expensive too; not always easy to pay for with a self-employed salary.  Anyway, I needed PT twice before. Once after  an 18-wheeler accident, and then again after another cyclist hit me & I did a beautiful face-plant in a gravel pit.  By this time I know my body’s aches and pains and how to bring relief. 

Still, damn, the shoulder pain wasn’t going away. Enter Jack Chen.  Good news; shoulder problem is not serious (thank God).  Basically the shoulder tendon is strained, and Jack said take a few weeks off swimming.

To see Jack’s diagnosis and my PT exercise, click on the following videos.