Seeds of Love

Don’t buy a drunk a drink. That Irish quote always comes to mind when violence is plastered on the news.  To me the quote pleads for us to live with peace and not add to the world’s problems. So, after the police shootings in St. Paul, Baton Rouge, and Dallas the quote lit a fire in my belly to plant seeds of love.

Here is the plan.
Plant a veggie garden for someone who is in financial need. Ron Finley, the Guerrilla Gardener, said growing a garden is like printing money, reducing grocery bills while providing organic food to eat. It is an alternative to fast food, and it is fun.

Plus, tending to soil improves a community. It attracts birds and butterflies. When grown abundantly food can be shared with neighbors, and it enables one to participate in life’s miracle. In essence it is a magical, sustainable experience.

The idea is taking root.
Thank you Craig Martin, Broker/Owner of TNG Real Estate for naming this project Planting Seeds of Love.  Thank you Ganahl Lumber and Armstrong Garden Centers for donating gift cards to help us buy supplies.

Now all I need is a homeowner.
If you want to help or if have suggestions on how to help, on what to grow, or if you know a family who can manage the garden after it is built … please let me know.

Always tri.  Never stop.