Safety Apps

Yesterday I organized a Tech “Lunch & Learn” event at TNG Real Estate’s Fullerton office. About 60 agents attended. I talked about safety and using four types of emergency apps:

  1. Communicate with a network
  2. Set off an alarm
  3. Call for help
  4. Confirm you got their safely

If you get peace of mind with an “in case of an emergency” plan, then you’ll love these safety apps.  Be prepared.

Communicate With Network 

These apps allow your friends and family to view you, and for you to communicate with them, sending alerts if needed.

  • Family Locator/Life365 This app lets you locate family members and quickly communicate with them. (free)
  • Glympse; This app is a fast, free, and simple way to share your location in real time with people you trust. Also, it alerts you of bad weather and other emergency scenarios, and can summon authorities if necessary.
  • bSafe; Set up your own personal safety network. Features include a timer mode that triggers an alarm when you haven’t checked in, a fake call feature to make the phone ring when you want it to, and a guardian alert button to send your location (via GPS) and a video of what is happening to your emergency contacts. (free)

Set Off an Alarm

The following apps allow you to signal an alarm, or the app will do it for you. The screeching alarm should frighten attackers, and some also have a silent alarm feature. Many will also contact emergency help by providing them with your GPS location.

  • LifeLine Response; The first and only patent-protected personal safety mobile app that utilizes natural human reaction to respond to emergency situations. Through codes and interaction, you can set an alert for emergency contacts that you are in danger. Trigger an extremely loud alarm to deter attackers or use the silent alarm to ask for help. Once an alert is detected, the response verification center will reach out to assess the situation and contact authorities with your GPS location, if necessary.
  • Guardly is a security operations management app. With preconfigured templates, ensure only the right individuals are notified of pertinent operational or emergency alert details.

Call for Help

Speed dial your designated contacts if you feel uncomfortable with a suspicious person around. You can instantly text and call for help, and it forwards your GPS coordinates to your contacts. 911 can be contacted also.

  • RealAlert; Developed by a REALTOR®, Real Alert is designed to help you stay alert and aware of your surroundings while providing quick access to emergency services. From one screen, you can quickly dial 911 or tap “ALARM” to ward off potential attackers. You can also speed dial your emergency contacts, locate the nearest hospitals using your current GPS location and record details about a suspicious person before they are forgotten.
  • OnGuardHelp; Features five buttons that provide five different ways to call for help. With this app, you can instantly call and text for help, send alerts with your GPS coordinates, call 911, use the silent alert feature for critical situations or contact first responders, such as fire or police departments.

Confirm You Got There Safely

These handy apps will confirm that you arrived at an appointment safely within the time anticipated; if not, it triggers an emergency alert.

  • Agents Armor; Designed specifically for real estate agents to alert brokers, emergency contacts and authorities everything they need to know about your appointments. Throughout the showing, a safety alert checks in to make sure you are safe. If you do not respond, your broker, emergency contacts and the authorities are notified with your GPS coordinates.
  • BMonitored: Provides a safe method for meeting with strangers. Enter a meeting start time and safety alert times. Bmonitored will then ask you for confirmation that you are safe at the interval you have selected. Once you respond with your one-digit personal PIN, the system clock resets until your next safety alert interval. If you do not respond, your emergency contacts and the authorities are notified with your last GPS coordinates.
  • SafeTrek, requires you to press a button and hold it down until you get into the house (or your car) safely. If you don’t press the button, it alerts your contact and authorities of your location.