Review: C2 Base Tights

When I first started training for triathlons I was highly impressionable about fashion for I had a false sense that athletes who looked good were the best. So I spent tons of money on great looking clothes, and quickly discovered that they did nothing for my game.  In fact, many were uncomfortable with fabric that didn’t wick. Some fabric held body odor. Some made me sweat, and a few did all three.  Truth be told I want it all.  I want quality clothes that look good and help strengthen my game.  With that in mind, let me share some good fashion news about a product that manages all the above – C2 Performance Tights, .

First let me share this … it’s the strong, confident athlete that inspires me most.  They showed me you can look good with a multi-purpose clothes … meaning items that can be worn when running, skiing, and other sports.

With that insight I stopped focusing solely on looks and started searching for quality clothes that also looked great.

C2 Performance TightsRecently, I discovered this base layer called C2 Performance Tights and wanted to share a few thoughts. I heard a few positive reviews, but because southern California can get very warm, I was reluctant to try them. But one early morning I went for a run by the beach. The fog hung around, and I needed something warmer then shorts but not heavy like sweats. So I threw them in my gym bag.

I started running with regret because many tights droop, causing me to constantly pull them up. Can’t stand that. Quickly, happily I discovered the C2 held tight. They stayed in place. They kept me comfortable. I like the reflectors on the calves, which help others see me. Nothing better then some added peace of mind.

C2 Performance TightsBy the end of the run I was in love.  I didn’t want to take them off, and happy to report no one said I spelt stinky.  And lately when I get home from work they are my go-to clothes when chillin’ around the house.

Then I visited their site and discovered C2 was founded by a woman. She’s an athlete, and C2 is 100% manufactured in the USA, including the materials, design, and all the hands that make and bring the product to you. We will never purchase products or services from outside the USA that are available from the USA.

Sold. I’m sold on this product. The only down size … they are best for cooler temperatures, and southern California is heating up. That makes me want Fall and Winter to arrive early.

Always tri. Never stop.
P.S. I was not paid for this review