Recap Week 4: IM Cozumel

So grateful for last week’s lite training, less than 8 hours.  That provided plenty of time to rest, sleep, cook, clean.  Basic life chores to help me feel good and healthy.

Not sure about you, but if my environment is disheveled  I feel disheveled.  Now, the house is organized as am I, and ready to take on the day.

Saturday, I did add one kick-ass 56 mile ride.  Then Sunday ran during mid-day heat.  It seemed crazy at the time.  But that didn’t compare to those who raced yesterday’s Ironman Coeur d’Alene.

Andy Potts wins IM coeur d'alene 2015According to Andy Potts, race winner, Everyone deserves a medal for it was a cooker.

A friend who finished the race said temperature  exceeded 100, with the asphalt reaching 125, and at one point the race organizers ran out of water and ice.  More than 300 athletes  either did a no show or did not finish.

Good news: Nobody died.
Bad news: everyone went to hell.
The Take Away: train and race smart.  Be prepared.  Stay hydrated.  Be aware of conditions, and if you feel your life is in danger, get help.

Always tri.  Never stop.