Rainy ride update

Saturday’s ride was a blast; it only rained for the first hour. The remaining time was nice and cool. Ended the day by riding 65 miles. Rested that day with yoga and no drinking. Sounds boring, but on Sunday when I had to get up @ 4 a.m. I was energized.

On Sunday I ran the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon in place for a friend who accepted a job out of state. So I ran with her friends: Val, Mike, Nicole and Mimi – Great, kind people.

The pre-race excitement is amazing. Almost addictive. 25,000 people jumping and screaming, motivational music is blaring. The positive energy was so thick with anticipation you could cut it with a knife.

That race was also the first one I ran without my sister, Donna. She’s the one who motivates me to run, so I knew there would be the extra challenge of not having her support. At the finish line I was quite happy with my time; 2h/22m. It would have been 10 minutes faster if I hadn’t made two bathroom breaks. When you got to go, you got to go.

Overall, the body is feeling good. Legs are a bit tight. Only two blisters on my right foot — still have to work on eliminating that problem.

Also, I decided not to wear the tri-short (they’re too torturous). In fact, they’ve caused so much pain that I had to see a doctor. No worries, I won’t share those painful details, that’d really be TMI. Rather I’ll wear regular bike shorts & not worry about the extra time it’ll take to change during the transitions. The extra transition time will be worth the comfort.

Today will be relaxing, only yoga. Perfect for today’s rainy day.